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The important use range of cloth laminating machine and its device

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Cloth laminating machine is mainly used for the fitting of garment fabrics, foam, cloth, plastic, EVA, cardboard paste paste. Hats, footwear, gloves, handbags, garments, car cushions and other raw materials on the paste iron paste. Non-woven composite machine is mainly applied to the garment industry clothing, shaking tablets and other coated fabric fit, if the use of improved glue formula, but also to meet the washing, dry cleaning, sand washing, pulp and other requirements.
Machine computer frequency control, single / linkage synchronous control, pneumatic pressure wheel. Point-like glue, can be water-based, oily plastic processing. Processing of the fabric soft cloth, feel good, waterproof breathable, washable.
The use of automatic edge device to make the product edge of the product is neat, and equipped with trimming device, tension control device, so that the tension is easier to handle, not deformation. Unique and reasonable way to glue, advanced technology, so that the product fastness reliable, breathable, feel good.

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