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Product Center

  • Super-clean productive film coating machine JW-T1122/T1322/T1622/T1822
  • BOPP coating machine
  • PE Protective film coating machineJW-T1120/T1320/T1620
  • Double sided tape coating machineJW-T1142/T1342/T1642
  • PVC electrical insulating tape coating machineJW-T1121/T1321/T1621
  • Release paper &film coating machineJW-T31340/T1640
  • Slitting machineJW-F0501/F1101/F1301/F1601
  • Film slitting machineJW-F1107/F1307/F1607/F2107
  • Single Knife single shaft cutting machine JW-C1310/1610/C2010
  • Double alongside slitting machine JW-F600/F1100
  • Four shaft double knife cutting machine JW-C0840/C1140/C1340/C1640
  • Single shaft rewinding machineJW-J1301/J1601
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