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The composition of the film splitting machine and its use

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Key word:
The film cutting machine consists of unwinding mechanism, cutting mechanism, winding mechanism, each function roller and tension control correction control and detection device; its working principle is: from the unwinding mechanism of the release of the metal film raw materials, Tension detection roller, energizing roller, correction system, into the cutting mechanism, raw materials by cutting, by the winding institutions were wound into a standard film volume.
Product Usage:
Using the upper and lower air up shaft with the center of the winding way, winding, unwinding of the clamping and knife shaft, pressure roller action full pneumatic control, easy to operate. Single-motor variable frequency drive, synchronous belt drive, smooth and reliable operation, low noise; tension control magnetic powder clutch winding, magnetic brake unwinding, tension control high precision, fast response, adjustable range; unwinding with advanced analog photoelectric automatic correction System, a static elimination device, blowing side device, winding automatic meter. The functions can be configured according to customer requirements.
Instructions for use:
The machine uses computer control, magnetic powder clutch tension control. Center coiling method.
Host using frequency control, automatic meter. Alarm and other functions. Winding with A, B-axis (inflatable), A4 copy paper cutting performance.
So that irregular materials can be normal cut or (gas-sensitive hydraulic side of the system), can be used PLC touch screen control, round knife longitudinal (or flat knife structure) waste side automatic discharge device.
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