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Classification of coating machine guns and control of operating parameters

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Key word:
A spray gun that uses liquid or compressed air for rapid release as a power, usually used for spraying and cleaning.
A gun comprising a gun body, a gun head, the gun body and the tip being connected by a connecting mechanism comprising a nozzle having a plurality of metal rounds interposed therebetween, the connecting mechanism comprising a flange and a chain pin, The nozzle is made into a flat shape; its replacement is more convenient, the cost is also lower, and can effectively prevent the tip of the nose off and wear.
A type, B type, C type is mainly applied to Φ18, Φ20, Φ21, Φ22.5 and other outer diameter of the nozzle; D-type spray gun for Φ15, Φ16, Φ12. 5 and other locations of the nozzle; E, F-type for the horn-type nozzle; G-type for Φ15, Φ16, Φ18, Φ20 and other outer diameter of the nozzle.
For the coating of the inner wall of the steel shell, the spraying time period t 'of the unit steel shell is critical. In the case where the limit productivity can be ensured, the difference between the pause time t2 and the spraying time period t' The better the regulation. Since a spray period T = t1 + t2, t2 = T-t1 is obtained, and in the case where the productivity N remains constant, for example, N is 600 / min and T is a constant constant. Then the only variable is t1, and t1 is determined by the servo motor in the α angle of the acceleration time and deceleration time and so on, so do not exceed the performance of the servo motor itself, the t1 value to take the smaller the better.
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