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Design of Transmission Chain and Direction Finishing System for Changzhou Coater

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The structure of the transmission chain consists of inner links and outer links. It is also composed of five small parts of inner chain plate, outer chain plate, pin shaft, sleeve and roller. The advantages and disadvantages of the chain depend on the pin and sleeve The
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Changzhou coating machine transmission chain in the initial design is completed, in particular, to its chain and chain length measurement, the specific measurement steps are: 1, before the measurement of the chain after cleaning; 2, the chain will be measured in the two sprockets 3, before the measurement of the chain should be applied to the minimum limit tensile load state to stay; 4, measurement, the chain applied to the specified measurement load, so that the upper and lower sides of the chain tension The Chain in the sprocket should ensure that the normal teeth together; 5, measuring the two sprocket center distance.
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Directional finishing system design:
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Directional finishing systems need to include control of the amount of coating, moisture, and other production parameters (eg paint concentration, squeegee line pressure, angle, etc.). It is now widely used to measure the moisture content before and after coating, quantitative, you can always know the quality of the product state to control the production parameters to ensure product quality, in order to reduce the paper tension, so in general, The direction of the equipment design of the system is even more important.
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