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Influence of Design of Coating Parameters on Coating Detection Signal

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The design of the coating motion is designed when the production speed is high or the width of the film is wide. The production speed of the coating is different from that of ordinary adhesive tape at 100m / min, usually at (8 ~ 10) m / min, and the production speed is less than (30 ~ 50) m / min. So the width of 1m below the direct manual film can be.
V2 - the speed of the rotation of the steel shell; v3-coated turntable line speed; α-adjacent two-station angle; D1-massage Belt drive wheel diameter.
After the design of the motion parameters is completed, the mechanical equipment can be applied to the signal accuracy and anti-interference for effective control and processing. Tension control system is a multi-axis linkage system, which contains a strong source of interference, the detection of anti-jamming signal is necessary and necessary.
The accuracy of the detection signal directly affects the control accuracy, imagine the tension can not be reflected in real-time reliable, no matter how good the control system can do nothing, only real-time, reliable detection signal to ensure high precision control.
If the design productivity of N / min, the battery shell and the bearing contact is pure rolling. A spray period of T = 60 / N, s; divided by the beat, the definition of steel from the detection station (detection of steel shell presence, control gun action) to the coating station (gun installation position) running time t1, steel Shell pause time t2, then T = t1 + t2.
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