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Coating Parameters of Coating Machine and Its Control System

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According to the specific requirements of the product, through the optical coating production equipment in the original board on one or both sides were combined with different functions of the optical film, such as reflective film, semipermeable membrane, phase difference film, etc., resulting in different uses of polarizing film finished The
The main technical parameters for coating the various optical films using a coater are as follows:
The basic parameters: the highest coating efficiency of 600 / min; coating weight 7-13mg; coating height of 4-8mm; power supply voltage: 220V; equipment total power 2.52kW.
Each section tension: for the fragment 8-18kg; coating section 7-18kg; storage section 7-30Kg; film tension 15-100kg.
Design coating speed: 150 ± 0.02m / min, the maximum coating speed 140m / min.
Control System - PLC Control:
Control system using PLC control, the main implementation of the control system Function: motor control belt lifting conveyor will be coated material warehouse warehouse steel automatically transported to the vibration hopper. The FM controller controls the discharge speed of the vibrating hopper, and the FM controller B controls the discharge speed of the vibrating hopper. Motor control steel transmission chain and direction finishing system, by adjusting the inverter can control the steel conveyor conveyor finishing speed, in order to match the next coating speed match. The servo motor controls the speed of the turntable by means of a servo drive to adjust the production speed per minute. The time controller is responsible for controlling the spray time to adjust the amount of spray.
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