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Composition and Function of Coater Coating System

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Conductive agent is to ensure that the electrode has a good charge and discharge performance in the pole piece is usually made of a certain amount of conductive material, between the active substances, between the active material and the collector to collect the role of micro-current to reduce The contact resistance of the electrode accelerates the movement rate of the electrons, and also can effectively increase the migration rate of the lithium ions in the electrode material, thereby improving the charge and discharge efficiency of the electrodes.
The conductive agent coating system is composed of a conductive agent feeding system and a coating system. The conductive agent feeding system is executed by a CP pump which is used to ensure that the atomization of the pump is maximized when the process is ensured Can reach the spray capacity of about 1000 per minute, and with the spray can be 800 times per minute A20A high-speed electronic gun, which can effectively meet the equipment 600 / min production capacity of the design requirements.
The coating system comprising: a coating device, a detection device and an adjustment device; the coating device for coating a coating material on a substrate at a set speed; and a detection device for applying a coating material Detecting the film thickness of the measurement point of the coating material when the apparatus is applied and transmitting the detected film thickness to the adjustment device; and the adjustment means for generating a set speed according to the film thickness and setting And the setting speed is transmitted to the coating apparatus.

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