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Installation and Adjustment Analysis of Vertical Wire Mesh Compound Machine

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Key word:
1, the installation of the machine should be done before and after the alignment.
2, adjust the foot screw, so that the shaft, pulp roller, drying cylinder are in a horizontal state, the error is not greater than 5mm / m.
3, to dry cylinder as the benchmark, adjust the shaft, roller, so that in a parallel state, the error is not greater than 2mm / m.
4, check the connection of water pipes and other pipe joints, should be no leakage, loose.
5, the normal operation of the transmission chain should be no stuck, and installed a protective cover.
6, check the connection of the fastening situation, sprocket, chain, add the right amount of heavy lubricants, check the electrical wiring is correct and the motor steering. Check the above no exception can be tested, the test time of not less than 2 hours, found abnormal should be promptly excluded.
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