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Introduction of Spraying Hot Melt Coating Machine

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A spray-type hot-melt coater is provided with two discharge rolls and a take-up reel in the frame, and two reels are provided with two feeders Wherein one of the feeding lines is provided with a spray die which is provided with a connected upper mold body and a lower mold body, and one side edge of the connecting surface is provided with a gap to form a spray nozzle, The side edge also protrudes at the same time to form a smooth arc-shaped scraping edge, the upper body being provided with a glue chamber, the lower mold body being provided with a diversion channel and its inner wall The uniform spacing is provided with a plurality of through-holes. The utility model will glue the glue along the direction of the gap of the spray nozzle evenly after the split, spray glue is very uniform, and scraping edge for the arc-shaped, and roller with a large area, scraping gum uniform, so that the required amount of glue , Uniform thickness of the coating to improve the quality of composite coating.
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