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Which equipment components can replace the coating machine for tension control

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With the rapid development of solar panels, precision coating industry, the corresponding domestic equipment manufacturing industry has also been rapid development. However, the development of the industry needs high-tech support, the domestic frequency conversion technology has been unable to meet the needs of high-precision coating tension control, servo motor prices are too expensive. In order to solve this problem, each coating manufacturers use variable frequency motor and drive for position control, so as to ensure the cost at the same time, improve the tension control accuracy, greatly improving the domestic machine and imported machinery competitiveness.
Selection of variable frequency motor and drive for position control instead of coating machine tension control, you need to understand the following three aspects, one is the frequency of the motor voltage load requirements, one tension control system parameters and drive control position.
Variable frequency motor is in the standard environmental conditions, 100% rated load in the 10% to 100% rated speed range of continuous operation, the temperature rise does not exceed the motor calibration allowable value of the motor.
TEN, SET: Tension setting, generally set in the man-machine interface; LS: motor, the tension is used to control the tension, Of the main speed given; INV: inverter; M: variable frequency motor; PLC: programmable controller, calculate the motor speed.
The drive is in the middle of the control section, just in the middle of the main control box, the motor. His main function is to receive the signal from the main control box (NC CARD), then the signal processing and then transferred to the motor and motor-related sensors (SENSOR), and the motor's work back to the main control box (MAIN CONTROLLER).
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