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Application of Compound Machine Operation Technology to Avoid Wrinkling of Finished Products

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Key word:
(1) to reduce the tension of the traction substrate
Film stretching is too large, stereotypes are not enough, double-axis composite machine cooling shrinkage easily lead to composite film wrinkling. Properly reducing the running tension of the substrate can reduce wrinkling.
(2) adjust the flatness of the substrate
If the guide rollers mounted on the dry laminating machine have a parallelism error, some plastic film substrates tend to create wrinkles on the guide rollers. Production UV printing, you can adjust the position of the adjustment roller to adjust the substrate flatness. Of course, we can also in the appropriate part of the composite before adding some flattening roller or bending roller to stretch the film.
(3) adjust the pressure of the compound roll In the production process, should pay special attention to adjust the composite pressure between the two composite rolls, composite pressure uneven, such as the pressure is too high love color, the most likely to cause composite film wrinkling.
In addition, cleaning the composite roll, replace the damaged rubber pressure roller, but also to avoid the composite finished wrinkle. At the time of design, if the preheating ink is added to the surface of the second unwinding substrate by adding a preheating roll before the composite, the temperature of the second unwinding substrate is substantially the same as that of the coating substrate, and the composite The film is crimped after cooling. Financial crisis 3. to avoid the method of sticky product is not strong
(1) to improve the amount of glue coating too little or part of the substrate surface is not coated with adhesive, will lead to composite when the two base is difficult to fit. We can use the deeper web of the anilox roller, or by increasing the rubber roller pressure and reduce the scraper and the anilox roller contact pressure to increase the amount of substrate surface coating. For some plastic film substrate, can be carried out before the corona treatment package anti-counterfeiting, so that the surface of hair, thereby enhancing the ability of the substrate to absorb adhesive, so that the amount of surface coating increased.
(2) the choice of the appropriate drying temperature is too high or too low, will affect the composite film adhesion fastness. When the coating substrate is dried, the heating temperature is too high or the high temperature is cooked, and the surface of the adhesive is carbonized, thereby destroying the adhesive capacity of the adhesive. Drying temperature is too low, the adhesive curing is not complete, the viscosity of the adhesive is poor, the composite is not strong and after a period of time, the composite film is easy to form bubble publication, destruction of the composite quality of the product. Of course, we can choose high temperature and resistance to cooking good adhesive to meet the high temperature drying, such as the choice of polyurethane adhesive.
(3) appropriate increase in composite pressure
Composite pressure is too large or uneven pressure at both ends of the composite roll, will cause the composite film surface wrinkles, composite wrinkles at the formation of empty tunnel, affecting the finished product fastness. Appropriate increase in composite pressure is beneficial to improve the composite adhesive force.
In addition to printing education, in order to improve the composite film bonding effect and quality, to try to avoid foreign matter, dust and other debris attached to the adhesive or composite substrate surface.
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