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About Coater Manufacturer - Changzhou Europium Crown Machinery Co., Ltd

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Changzhou Europium crown Machinery Co., Ltd. a set of product development, production, sales and service in an integrated economic entity. The company has always adhere to the "responsibility is more important than profit, quality first, integrity of life, eternal innovation" business philosophy, the implementation of the product from the customer needs for professional design and manufacturing, focused on building customer satisfaction quality standards, professional level of outstanding quality! The company's main products:
First, the coating machine series:
1, to produce PE film, PP, PVC and other soft substrate as the representative of the micro-tension coating machine;
2, to produce PET, polyimide and other substrates as the representative of the high temperature electronic tape, silicone products coating machine;
3, to produce BOPP, PET and other substrates as the representative of the protective film, automotive explosion - proof membrane, electronic products supplies, circuit version of the shading film, film protective film, dry film and other optical products and precision coating machine;
4, to produce RC as paper, PET film, PE synthetic paper, PVC laminating film, stickers and other digital technology inkjet supplies, home decoration supplies as the representative of the coating machine;
5, to produce BOPP sealing tape as the representative of the high-speed coating machine;
6, to produce double-sided adhesive, the US profile paper, trademark paper, cloth, foam and other tape as the representative of the multi-function coating machine;
7, to produce non-woven fabrics, cotton and other medical tape, health and daily necessities as the representative of the health level coating machine;
8, to produce mesh belt, fiberglass cloth, non-woven fabrics, light boxes cloth, weaving, and other substrates for the inkjet supplies, high temperature duct cloth, tarpaulins, speaker film cloth, treble film, diaphragm and other products Cloth machine
9, to PET, paper, PVC, PP and other substrates for silicone oil, UV Varnish, from the type of release from the film, from the type of paper, anti-scratch treatment coating machine;
10, to produce copper, aluminum platinum substrate as the representative of the conductive tape, lithium battery electrode coating machine;
11, to produce release paper, PET film substrate as the representative of the stickers trademark, easy shredding trademark, battery trademark, anti - counterfeit trademark coating machine;
12, to produce release paper as the representative of the shoe, leather, cloth, foam, EVA self-adhesive coating machine;
13, to produce TPU, PVC, PU, BOPP as the substrate reflective film, pearl film, packaging materials, shoe materials, luggage materials, decorative materials coating machine;
Second, the sub-machine series:

1, to release paper, from the film, PVC, PE, paper and cloth paste, trademark paper and other composite materials for the non-rubber-type sub-machine
2, PET as the substrate of anti-scratch, automatic tension of the sub-machine
3, to the culture of paper, non-woven fabrics and other micro-tension of the surface winding machine
4, to fast product packaging cutting, counting single-axis packaging sub-machine
5, rewinder series
Third, the shoe processing series:
1, to cloth, artificial leather as the substrate of the scratch-type dry coating machine;
2, for fabrics, leather, PVC, PU, TPU and other substrate for the surface treatment, printing single, double version of the processor;
3, to leather, PVC, PU, cloth, plastic, paper and other substrates for the color change, glue, laminating thermal transfer, high solid printing, composite and other functions of the multi-functional dry coating machine;
4, to leather, cloth and other substrates for the spray processor
 Fourth, the complex machine series:
1, ordinary shoe material composite machine, packaging white plastic compound machine, strong glue compound machine and other types;
2, for clothing, shoe industry, point-like breathable film composite machine
3, suitable for PVC products fit the multi-functional composite machine: for the production of fabrics and PVC, TPU, EVA fit, the main products to light box cloth, anti-skid pads, cloth paste plastic, waterproof cloth and other bags and inkjet materials ; Models are divided into single-and double-paste machine two.
The company produced by the equipment widely used in packaging, advertising, electronics, clothing, shoe materials, leather and other industries. In the joint efforts of all staff, firmly grasp the Pearl River Delta market, all over the country, exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and a number of related enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation. How far we can go, how far we can go! In this is willing to Yiyi mechanical help you wing Cheung sea, ambitious exhibition!
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