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Changzhou coating machine to tell you the market capacity of China's coating machine

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China's coating machine market capacity has been the manufacturing enterprises, users and the industry's focus, because the market is an important indicator of industrial development. Foreign printing machinery manufacturers are also very concerned about the trend of China's printing machinery market, they are developing the Chinese market at the same time, but also actively study the Chinese market access policy, because the Chinese printing machinery market is in addition to the United States, the world's second largest printing market. In order to obtain China's import duty-free policy, they also through the Chinese national leaders to visit abroad to mediate opportunities for tax policy support. China's printing machinery market capacity, the future development trend, has been in the debate.China's coating machine market capacity has been the use of intermediary annual statistical data. As in the planned economy, the annual statistics, including only 60-70 key enterprises, statistical objects are limited to state-owned enterprises. With the advancement of China's socialist market economy, some of the state-owned enterprises within the statistics are converted into private enterprises or Sino-foreign joint ventures. Due to statistical caliber and industry division, the current statistical data can not fully reflect the whole picture of the industry. In particular, the current digital equipment, digital workflow has become a trend, private enterprises have set up to enter the printing machinery industry, the number of enterprises increased, supporting enterprises have also been separated from the host factory set up a professional plant, China's printing machinery market capacity should be in the intermediary annual statistics Based on the market analysis, a true reflection of the real capacity of the market.

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